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Winnipeg Free Press Article

A very nice article about the project in the Free Press on Nov 27th . You can also email any information to about the restoration work, or if you have any questions.

Also visit the Millenium Library which has a streetcar display on the main floor until Dec 31st. The picture shows a Motorman’s coat, very heavy, weighs almost 50lbs! Thanks to the Winnipeg Electrical Museum for the loan of the coat and the Winnipeg Library staff who have done such a great job with the display.

Streetcar 384

Streetcar 384

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Another 2 Streetcars found, this one way south of Winnipeg in the Pembina hills. Seems there are always 2 of them as well, so I guess they were sold off in pairs back in 1955.

This Streetcar is 384, not sure what the other number is. 384 was built in 1909 here in Winnipeg, at the Fort Rouge Shops, currently the home of Winnipeg Transit garage, more or less.