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Streetcar in Winkler

Streetcar 740 by buflyer200
Streetcar 740, a photo by buflyer200 on Flickr.

I received some sad news a few days ago, Peter Heide passed away from Cancer.

Peter owned 2 steel Streetcars, 720 and 740 at his farm near Winkler. He contacted me after a newspaper article appeared in the Winkler Times, and invited me down to see them.

I met with him in October 2009, and in October 2010 I was able to start salvaging parts of the Streetcars for use in restoring 356 with Heritage Winnipeg.

He remarked to me “if you had been here 25 years earlier, you would have had 2 intact streetcars for your project” as they were not suitable for any farm storage of grain/feeds etc at all.

Someone eventually had asked to  (20 years ago)  remove the internal wiring on the streetcars, which eventually weakened and collapsed the ceiling , and then the weather took it’s toll after that with rain,snow, heat….

Thanks Peter!

The Free Press article: